What I Learnt Podcasting for a Year

Season 1 has finally come to an end. As I was wrapping up this amazing and exhilarating year of podcasting, I thought it could be interesting to share what I learnt this past year.

Episode 7 : Meet Amy Schwartz, co-founder of Unleash Surf

Amy Schwartz on The Oceanriders Podcast

Episode 7 : Meet Amy Schwartz, co-founder of Unleash Surf In today‚Äôs episode, I will be taking you to Peru where my guest Amy Schwartz has created a unique surf experience for digital nomads. Amy and her Partner John Furness, founded a business that creates a remote-working experience for surfers with wanderlust. Their company, Unleash Surf has been featured […]

Episode 4 and 5 : Meet Scott Martin, Multipassionate Marketing Entrepreneur

Scott Martin - The Oceanriders Podcast

Episode 4 and 5: Meet Scott Martin, Multipassionnate Marketing Entrepreneur My guest delves into the wonderful world of Marketing and Sustainable Growth Hacking Today my guest is Scott Martin. Scott is an ambitiously lazy marketing guru from Canada. He shares his incredible story about growing up in a freaking cold country. He explains how he […]

Episode 3 : Meet Aviv Ben Or, Video Storyteller

Aviv Ben Or - The Oceanriders Podcast

Today’s episode is a conversation with Aviv Ben Or. Aviv is a talented filmmaker and a video storyteller. He is the CEO of Hexa Air Cinema. The company he created leverages his expertise in drone filmmaking and storytelling.

Episode 2 : Meet Eve Isambourg, ocean defender and creator of the I Speak Blue Too movement

The Oceanriders Podcast is a series of conversations with entrepreneurs, creatives, thinkers and dreamers who happen to be surfers.
Today my guest is all four of them : her name is Eve Isambourg and she is a stunning, brilliant and inspiring young woman from Mauritius. At only 19, she created a movement to raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation.