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I love creating content.  In English and in French, I will create 100% original content from short articles to whole books! For example, I can write copy for your website, technical booklets, brochures, product reviews, and any other email magnet materiel you need to create. With my experience and my ideas, I am a think-tank to myself!

Here is the type of content I will create for you:

Content for blog articles

From a simple “7 reasons why…”, “8 steps to obtain…” to a more technical blog article, my know-how and my experience in blogging will create original content that gets picked up by search engines and that gives value to your readers.

Content for Newsletters

E-mail newsletters are the most cost effective way of generating sales and attracting visitors to your business.  According to marketing specialists, e-mails are even more powerful than social media.  You can find out why in this article I wrote.  I will set up a MailChimp account for you and, with your accord, I will write and design beautiful email messages that will generate feedback, visits and ultimately conversions.  The emails your customers and subscribers receive will be designed in style, written with panache, and create a long-lasting relationship with your activity.

Content for E-mail Magnets

In the online marketing world, it is essential to attract  people to your site and create a real relationship with your visitors. Today, social media advertising is super targeted and there is a huge potential in attracting the right person at the right time.  But as anything, it’s worth giving it a bit of thought before handing out wads of cash to Facebook or Instagram.

It’s really important to attract visitors to your website but it’s not much use spending the money if they go elsewhere 2 minutes later.  To get a proper return on investment, you need to create e-mail magnets.

It’s a sort of invisible deal you make with your visitor : “if you give me your email address, you will receive a unique and valuable booklet/video that will help you bla bla bla”.  To be specific, a hotel could  give away a tourist guide for the best places to visit, a fitness coach could offer a 5 day program, a restaurant could give away it’s signature recipe.  I really enjoy finding ideas to help you gain attention, bait the visitors and to transform them into happy members of your emailing lists.  You can find out why these email magnets are the key to your business in this blog article.

The e-mail magnets can also be easily “recycled” as paper booklets to distribute at events, or e-books for people to download on your site so it’s never a one shot project.  I will take care of creating the booklet, doing the page setup and then setting up the landing page.  With your accord, we can set up a perfect visitor profile and I can even help you through the Facebook advertising process.

Content for White Papers and Technical Documents

Many times in my life, I have had to learn on the spot, intricate technical subjects.  With my analytical mind, I have been able to transform these complex subjects into easy to understand concepts for any John Doe to understand.  I have written white papers and reports on SIM card applications, insurance policies for building in France, detox programs and much more.  I love to explore new subjects that go beyond my expertise, but just to let you know, I have spent years in the following industries : food and drink, smart cards, architecture and construction, education, organic and fair trade businesses, sustainability…

Cherry on the cake : all my work is available in English and in French!

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