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Teaching you to make the best out of your website is part of what I do.  Because, what is the point in having a website if it disappears into limbo land?  It is common knowledge that it is essential for your business to renew the information that you post online.  Why?  Because Google and the other search engines hate old websites.  In order to increase your ranking in the search engines, you need to create original and timely content.

It is neither easy nor cheap to have someone else updating your website every time, and that’s why I put together these courses.

K-Web seminar:  how to update your website

I have a tendency to think that a website is like a storefront.  If you don’t take care of it, it will get dusty, dirty and one day the paint will fade and the sign will fall off.  The reason you’ve made a website is to get your business out there and attract new readers/customers, right? To do this you need search engines (i.e. Google) to pick-up your website and inevitably climb the ranking ladder.  Sure, you can pay Google AdWords a fortune to attract new clients, but I strongly believe in increasing your ranking organically.  One way to be ranked at the top is to be called Kim Kardashian, the other way is to have a website and a blog that is regularly updated and appeals to your readers. 

I have created a comprehensive course to help you make the most of your new website.  First we will review the basic technicalities of a website, the difference between blog posts and pages, what hyperlinks are and how they work, and learn about optimizing images for the web.  The second part of the course will be more an introduction to storytelling, how to write an article that will get picked up by a search engine and where to find super cool artwork…

K-News seminar : how to setup and write the best Newsletters 

Have you ever received a really cool newsletter, with beautiful illustrations, great buttons to click on and a catchy message? How does it compare to a basic Outlook or Mail message? Whether it’s an announcement of a new blog article, a promotion on your products or services, announcing what you’ve been reading… sending newsletters to your subscribers is always an excellent way of staying in touch with your customers/prospects.  And that’s also the reason why they joined your newsletter in the first place isn’t it?

I’ll teach you or your staff to use MailChimp in my K-News seminar.  Mailchimp is a “free” (it’s free up until 2000 subscribers) newsletter platform that is really useful to send out email blasts.  I’ll give you the tried and tested tips to make your emails have the biggest return on investment.  At the end of the day, it costs more to find new customers that it does to upsell new products to your existing clients so this course is a great investment.

K-Social Seminar : how to leverage social media

Social media has become a game changer when it comes to staying connected with your customer base.  Basically it’s a must-have for any business.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all have their advantages and their issues and I’ will help you find your way around the maze.  I will teach you the basic “etiquette” required on social media, how to react to adverse publicity and the dos and don’ts of each platform.

We’ll also focus together on the best social network to use.  Every business is different and can be leveraged by a different social network.

First of all, I’ll walk you through the different social media platforms.  We’ll identify the ones that you’d benefit from the most, and then we will create a profile in two of your preferred platforms.  I’ll teach you how to use the free tools that are available and how to milk the cow as much as possible.  You will learn how to create visuals that will look great as social media posts, I’ll share my secrets in terms of free apps and tools to have you fully confident in the wonderful world of social media! 

My courses are available at your office or via skype depending where you are.

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