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My name is Imogen Barneaud. I was born and raised in the UK. I moved to France at age 11 and ever since, I realised how important flexibility and communication are to succeed in life. The mastery of languages (both written and spoken) was, for me, a sine qua none condition to blend in to the French environment.  In fact, those who know me personally are surprised that it’s impossible to tell if I’m English or French because I’ve blended in so well…

I have been living and breathing marketing and communications for as long as I can remember.

In 1998 with my masters degree in Business Administration (Kedge Business School) I quickly climbed the corporate ladder in Marketing and Communications and became Product Manager at a hi-tech company called Thalès (formerly Gemalto). While I was working in the hi-tech industry, I discovered the importance of clear and crisp communication in a growth oriented market. I was fortunate enough to train with the best, and I became one of the first webmasters of my generation.

Leaving the corporate world for small businesses

Then, I spent the next 15 years creating and managing small businesses. I worked in the following fields : constructionarchitecturedesignproperty development and tourism. I was the “Jack of all trades” for these businesses leading them in management, administration and in marketing. After spending all this time with small companies, I understood the importance being creative to be visible online. Especially when communication budgets are small and even inexistent : I created logos, websites and commercial literature, on and off-line.

A sabbatical to explore the world

I made a break in my career in 2013-2014 when I moved my family to the other side of the world. We all took off to Indonesia to feed our need for wanderlust. The school we chose for our kids was Green School : it’s the greenest school on Earth and is a pioneer in green-living and sustainability. I learned about some of the best practices and the persuasive arguments required for such a particular market niche. Protecting our beautiful planet is also one of my core values and the reason why I chose to join One Percent for the Planet as an active member.  Today, 1% of my sales are donated to non profit organisations protecting the environment.

From food to e-commerce

Hence, when I got back from Indonesia, I created my first e-commerce website in selling organic and fair trade food products. Thanks to the techniques I had learned throughout my career I managed to raise my company to the first page on Google, and with the right key words – without paying for advertising !  Because of this venture, I finally figured out what I enjoy doing most : creating websites, copywriting and building online awareness for companies. Over the years, I’ve created a number of tools and procedures that are tailor-made for e-commerce and websites. This is why I have so much to offer to my clients.

Assisting entrepreneurs, non-for-profit organizations and individuals

Basically, K-Freelance is a freelance business offering my services as an independent marketing and communications consultant. My services span from the simplest of missions (such as putting your house on Airbnb), to more complex services such as creating fully integrated e-commerce platforms or designing your marketing mix. I’ll make you visible on the web and I will help you exploit your potential by offering tailored services for French-speaking markets.

I am particularly fond of very small businesses and non-for-profit organizations as they are in desperate need of being visible at a very low cost. And this is where my creativity blossoms and I have the most fun!  Plus, my prices are a jolly good deal for limited budgets!

Today, I work from my office in St Cyr sur Mer, in the South of France.

Growth hacking and podcasts are the new thing and I host a podcast : The Oceanriders Podcast.  You can find me blogging, and illustrating (you can find my work on Instagram @imogenscreations) and constantly exploring new media.

It’s with all this experience and this passion for the Internet that I am here to help.  So why don’t you try out my services?

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