I have been translating for as long as I can remember.  Back in the 80’s when my British family moved to France, I was the only translator in my family (and still am!). I have embraced this family role.  I can offer my exceptional translation services for your business or your day to day life in a French speaking country.  

From your day to day paperwork to extensive business focussed translation

I will translate virtually anything from English to French and vice versa.

My translations are 100% handmade : Google Translate is not, for me.  This somewhat revolutionary application can expose you to a lot of misunderstandings.

If you live in France and struggle to be understood by French administration, I will be able to help you get your message across and weave your way through French bureaucracy.  Don’t hesitate to ask me for specific services such as writing official letters, applications, filing complaints…

Translation in Specific Fields of Expertise

My career in several different trades is also a great advantage for my B2B clients as I have built over the years the required vocabulary in the following fields (both in French and in English): food and drink industry, fair trade, construction and architecture, design, real estate, sustainability, hospitality and tourism, and surfing. Beyond translation to French, I will also be able to bring my business insight of years experience in these fields.

I’m excellent at corporate translations and will be a great asset to your business in French markets. I will also be happy to translate your official documents, business plans, product descriptions, SEO snippets, press releases, instructions manuals, labels… 

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