Website Design

I am a freelance website designer with a bilingual twist.

I love creating websites for individuals, non-profits and cottage businesses who want to open an e-commerce, or start a blog, but don’t know who to turn to, or where to start.  

It makes my day even more when a client needs this done both in English and in French!

I create beautiful websites that will get your voice or your products out into the world in style.  Take a look at my portfolio to see what I mean. I’ll get your website going and then teach you how to use it and update it, so you can fly with your own wings as a fully fledged digital entrepreneur. 

Your Showcase Website

A showcase website is the right sort of website if you just need an online showroom or a Blog. This is especially useful if you want to showcase your products or services, expose your artistic work, create a blog and generally let your visitors find out more about you and your story. 

Think of it like a tradeshow, you need your booth to look great, attract attention and make sure people give you their details before they leave.  

A showcase website is quick to set up and gets the job done perfectly. I personally prefer using WordPress because it is flexible and super user-friendly. WordPress is the best way to get noticed by Google and edge your way up the search engine’s results.  For example, I designed my website on WordPress from scratch.  Do you like it?

Check out my portfolio for more…

Showcase websites are easy and cheap to set up so 

Your E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website is necessary if you want to start selling products or services online. With an e-shop (e-commerce website), you will be able to sell goods without having to have a brick and mortar shop. You could start by running your business from home and build up from there. I’ll create your unique e-boutique with Shopify. Shopify is quite frankly the best e-commerce platform I’ve ever used (trust me, I have tried many) and the fastest way of promoting your business in a professional and sexy way.

Shopify has a huge catalog of templates (called themes) that are bound to match your personality and project. It is a scalable platform: you can start small and build into a multi million-dollar business with the same tool. I love the fact that Shopify has thought of the whole shopping process in a professional and trustworthy environment. It is really important to get your visitors in a trustworthy frame of mind if you want them to buy from you. You definitely don’t want to scare your prospects off with a shady payment process!  Plus, you won’t have to worry about updates and all the technicalities of running a website: Shopify does it for you automatically! 

You’d be surprised to know how many top quality brands already use the platform. The cherry on the cake is that you can manage your shop from your smartphone too: Shopify has two free apps that enable you to manage your virtual store and another app (called Shopify POS) made specially to sell the same products to real live customers, just like a fully operational cash register (or Point of Sale register). This puts an end to the headache of inventory management, analytics, having a cash register and finally gets you from behind a computer screen to meeting customers in real life (as they say “IRL” in nerdy terms)!

My job at K-Freelance will be to set up your website (and even write the copy if you want), create pages for your products and teach you how to use this brilliant system.


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