Episode 1: Meet Colin Kuit, Entrepreneur, Outdoor Educator and Nature Defender

This episode is the first episode of a series I created, called The Oceanriders Podcast.

The first episode is a 40 minute conversation with Colin Kuit, entrepreneur, educator and surfer.

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Colin grew up dreaming of being a game ranger as he was born and raised amongst the elephants, giraffes, leopards and rhinos of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. His trajectory diverted when he discovered the thrill of surfing, and since then, he has followed his passion travelling the world.

Colin tells us his story and path and how he has evolved from being a lifeguard and qualifying as an ASI instructor, teaching PE in the UK with a Sports Science degree, to becoming the sports coordinator at Green School Bali and eventually taking the big leap and becoming an entrepreneur.

Colin and his wife Lorraine now run two outdoor education companies for International School Students, one in Bali and the other in the Kruger National Park, South Africa:

The International Schools Surf Camp. This company proposes surf camps in Bali and the Philippines. On the community side, his students get to participate in awesome community projects such as coral reef conservation with with Reef Check Indonesia, turtle conservation projects and ongoing socially responsible projects with a cashew nut factory in North Bali.
The International Schools Safari Camp is located in the Kruger National Park, South Africa and takes students on safaris. Students get to learn the essence of being a park ranger, the risks they take and even how to arrest a poacher! He helps his students obtain the Duke of Edinburgh Award by taking kids on survival expeditions and raises awareness on the threats that the wild animals face. His South-African camp is an active contributor to Stop Rhino Poaching, a wildlife conservation NGO protecting the Rhinoceros from poaching and raising awareness on rhino extinction.

In this episode we get into what it takes to run an outdoor education business and how to fit in spare time for… surfing! He mentions that entrepreneurs are indeed lacking in financial education, so take a look at Robert Kyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad site to get better ideas on how to create sustainable income and inspiring tips for financial management.

Colin also tells us how he is preparing for the M2O Paddleboard World Championships, a mythical 52 kilometer race across the Channel of Bones, in the shark infested waters of Hawaii. He also provides us with some interesting info on surf spots in Bali.

You can get in touch with Colin on Linkedin or via one of his International School Camps : http://internationalschoolssurfcamp.com and [http://www.internationalschoolssafaricamp.com/

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