Episode 4 and 5: Meet Scott Martin, Multipassionnate Marketing Entrepreneur

My guest delves into the wonderful world of Marketing and Sustainable Growth Hacking
Today my guest is Scott Martin. Scott is an ambitiously lazy marketing guru from Canada. He shares his incredible story about growing up in a freaking cold country. He explains how he replaced going to college with real life experience in Hawaii, and how he still travels the world in search of waves and warmth. The story of his epiphany that changed his career path when he got stranded in Miami airport with only $ 80 in his pocket is well worth a listen.

As a marketing geek myself, our discussion gets a bit nerdy. We talk about his view of sustainable growth marketing, creating online communities and what I would call the holy grail : passive income. This is a must-listen if you are involved in any way with social media, building an online business or growing a sustainable community of followers or clients. If there are any digital nomads listening, this is definitely an episode to save and replay. Even if you’re not a surfer!

In fact, Scott had so many relevant things to say, I decided to split this conversation into 2 parts.

In part one, (Episode 4), we delve into Scott’s background, we discuss what it is to be ambitiously lazy, growth hacking, writing a book and his latest startup : Swellness a fitness and nutrition online program that he launched with fitness coach and surfer, Mallory Chapman.

Listen to Episode 4 here

In part two, he tells us about the year he decided to take off, with the one and only Tony Robbins (AKA « I am not your Guru » from the Netflix documentary). He explains how this personal development journey helped him pulverize the glass ceiling.

Listen to Episode 5 here


We also discuss, how, for years he’s been creating online communities through hashtags (check out what he’s doing with Surf Art on Instagram @surfartworld), domains and Facebook groups, and the importance of business models that have a value proposition that give back to communities. A few years ago, Scott created an online community called Surf Art World and he shares his mindset of creating a community without having to create any content! So if you are a business owner or digital entrepreneur, his idea to work with competition instead of against it is downright genius.

Finally, we get to talk about surfing, how it all started in Scott’s life, and how he weaves surfing into his work/life balance.

Thank you Scott for being such a fun guest to talk to!

I had a great time recording this episode, Scott is a fantastic storyteller and mind-blowing person to talk to.

On November 5th, Swellness launched a 6 week surfer strong challenge, so If you would like to join the stoke, you can sign up on www.swellness.co The coaches are simply amazing and totally committed to getting their students on the path to becoming surfer strong .

Connect with Scott Martin

To connect with Scott, it’s really easy, you can visit his Instagram pages (see below), starting with @scottmartin_org, his marketing consultancy Groundswell Marketing and his latest business venture www.swellness.co.

As you noticed, Scott has also dozens of other communities that he manages. The updated list of his communities are below.


The book he picked up and that changed his perspective career-wise is Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

The Netflix documentary worth watching is I am not your Guru

Zapier is the app Scott uses to automate his posts on social media : https://zapier.com/

What inspired Scott to go on a personal development journey :

  • The book : Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
  • The film « I am Not your Guru »
  • Tony Robbins University, Business Mastery course and A Date with Destiny
  • The second social Media Guru Scott trained with is Gary Vaynerchuk
  • The .eco domain
  • Register your website with the .eco domain here
  • Buy to give companies
  • The clothing business, I mention during the conversation, founded by Dali and Finn Schonfelder in Bali is called Nalu.me,
  • The book, ‘Start Something That Matters’, by Blake Mycoskie is well worth a read if you want to see a case study
  • Scott Martin’s Online Communities: 
  • SurfArtWorld on Instagram and Facebook
  • Yogi.eco on Instagram
  • Wellnessmarketing on Instagram
  • Surfer.eco on Instagram
  • Surfing.eco on Instagram
  • Gypsea.eco on Instagram
  • Scottmartin.io on Instagram
  • Hustle.eco on Instagram
  • Mindful.marketing on Instagram
  • Surfsalutations on Instagram
  • Surfyogacamps on Instagram
  • Wellpreneurs.co on Instagram
  • Outside.eco on Instagram
Thank  you ever so much for listening.

Until next week, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves!



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